Contests and Prizes
The 2017 Inside-Out Sports Turkey Trot offers many contests and chances to take home prizes!  Join the fun on Thanksgiving morning!

Note, for all contests, winners must be present at Award Time to collect their prize and the prizes are subject to change in case of unexpected circumstances.

Catch the Turkey
Award Time:
  • Winners will be determined as soon as possible after our "Turkey" finishes the race and will be announced at the store (while the 8K is still going on).
Contest Rules:
  • Our costumed turkey will be identified by the emcee before the event.
  • Any individual with a gun time faster than our turkey in the 8K event, will qualify for a prize.
Prizes: All in the Family
Award Time:
  • Winners will be announced at the start of the awards ceremony after all events have completed.
Contest Rules:
  • Any individual registered for any race (1-mile, 8K, Kids Dash) may be included in the family member count.
  • “Family member” equals:
    • Related by direct descendent or ancestory
      • Half-siblings are family!
    • Legally recognized as family by adoption or marriage.
      • Step-children and step-parents are family!
    • Family members of family members are family.
  • Groups wishing to participate sign-in at the contest table.
  • Sign-in includes:
    • Identify Family “Captain” with name and bib number
    • For each family participant, specify:
      • Name
      • Bib number
      • Family relationship to “Captain”
  • Submit the sign-in sheet in the “Submissions” envelope
  • Winner will be the sheet submitted with the most qualifying family members specified,
  • In case of a tie, the prizes will be divided among the winners.
  • If the tie includes more than winners than there are prizes, winners will be randomly drawn from the set of families with the most members.
Prizes: Costume Contest
Award Time:
  • Prizes will be given to winners once they are selected. 
  • Winning names and photographs will be posted to the website and announced during the awards ceremony.
Contest Rules:
  • All registered participants wearing a bib number are automatically considered.
  • Costumes will be judged based on creativity, fun, and appropriateness for the holiday.
  • Best-costume Tony Award trophy
  • Additional prize still in the works...Stay tuned!
Share the Fun
Award Time:
  • Winners will be selected at the start of the awards ceremony at the completion of all events.
Contest Rules:
  • Post picture on social media as a public post using hashtag #IOSTURKEYTROT2017 during the event.
    • Can post on your own public account or to the Turkey Trot Facebook page which will be opened up for public posting during the event.
  • Picture must include at least one person and at least one bib of a registered participant.
  • Photo must be appropriate and family friendly.  Offensive, crude or vulgar images will be deleted by the page administrator and will not be entered into the contest.
  • Photos become the property of Inside-Out Sports and may be used for future event publicity.
  • Winner(s) will be randomly selected from public posts.
  • Name on the account that posted the picture is the winner.
  • Free entry to 2018 Turkey Trot
  • Additional prize still in the works....stay tuned!
Finisher Awards
Award Time:
  • Finisher awards ceremony will occur after the completion of the Kids Dash.  (Approximately 11am)
  • Finisher awards will not be mailed or otherwise delivered to recipients.
Contest Rules:
  • Using gun time, top 3 overall in both genders and top 3 of both genders in all age groups.
  • Age groups (15 total groups):
    • Under 13
    • 13 - 19
    • 20 - 24
    • 25 - 29
    • 30 - 34
    • 35 - 39
    • 40 - 44
    • 45- 49
    • 50 - 54
    • 55 - 59
    • 60 - 64
    • 65 - 69
    • 70 - 74
    • 75 - 79
    • 80+
  • Inside-Out Sports gift cards of varying denomination depending on place and category.